Gain a comprehensive understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and principles.

Training Objectives

  • Deepening Lean Six Sigma Knowledge
  • Intro to DMAIC
  • Process Mapping & Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Team Collaboration
  • Application of Lean Six Sigma Tools
  • Continuous Improvement Culture

Lean Six sigma Yellow Belt

Equipping you with essential skills for process improvement and operational excellence.

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training is meticulously crafted to empower individuals with the fundamental knowledge and skills of continuous improvement. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your problem-solving abilities or an organization seeking to instill a culture of continuous improvement, this program provides a solid foundation.

 Class Schedule 

Why Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training?

  • Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma Training is designed to equip professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to contribute to process improvement initiatives within their organizations actively.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and principles.
  • The training is ideal for professionals seeking to take a hands-on role in process improvement projects and contribute directly to organizational success.
  • Certificate provided upon class completion and passing a test
  • 2-day training
  • $1495 – Live Virtual  Public Training
  • On-demand course coming soon

Class Schedule

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


Yellow Belt training equips participants with structured problem-solving techniques, enabling them to analyze and address issues systematically and effectively.


Participants gain a deeper understanding of processes within their organization. This knowledge allows them to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.


Applying Lean Six Sigma principles learned in Yellow Belt training leads to streamlined processes, reduced waste, and improved productivity, resulting in cost savings and higher efficiency.

Recent Customer Reviews

 Lauren was my trainer and mentor during my Business Process Improvement project. Her dedication to assisting and expertise in BPI was a valuable resource for me from the start to the successful completion of my project!

– Micheal Schless – DIRECTOR OF QUALITY

Lauren was my Business Process Improvement (BPI) Green Belt trainer and coach for over a year. She provided her guidance, advice, and expertise throughout working my project and during any challenges I faced. Lauren was always responsive to my questions and could step in and help keep the project focused and on target from a BPI perspective. Her background and experience with BPI allowed me to feel confident that I was learning from an expert.