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Our Story

Leanademy was born from Lauren Hisey’s passion for transforming Lean Six Sigma training that translates into real-world application. With her expertise as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lauren recognized the need for streamlined Lean Six training that provides real-world resources and an avenue for certification. 

Our Mission

At Leanademy, we empower individuals and organizations to swiftly grasp the core principles of Lean Six Sigma enjoyably, yielding tangible results from the outset. We prioritize making learning engaging and offer relatable real-world examples. Our focus extends beyond mere certification; we emphasize the practical application of skills to drive meaningful transformations.

WHat makes us different?

At Leanademy, we stand out by offering personalized Lean Six Sigma training. Our expertise in simplifying complex concepts ensures an easy-to-understand learning experience. With our tagline, ‘Real-world training, real-world results,’ we focus on practical skills for tangible outcomes. Choose Leanademy for accessible Lean Six Sigma training that drives real-world success.”

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